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Pourquoi choisir WordPress

Pourquoi choisir WordPress pour votre site web Quel website builder à choisir? Pourquoi WordPress simplement est le meilleur choix. Très important. C’est gratuit! Une fois que vous avez choisi et payé pour un abonnement avec un héberger, l’installation de WordPress est gratuite. Tous les hébergeurs offrent la possibilité d’installer WordPress dans un clic.  Super facile.… Continue reading Pourquoi choisir WordPress

I’m learning SEO

I’ve gone back to school. This means a brand new yellow notebook with a witty slogan and a new purple pen. Plenty of inviting blank pages waiting to be scribbled on. Very motivating. So, what am I learning? I’m learning SEO. Do you know what SEO is? SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION. Do you know how important… Continue reading I’m learning SEO

Why choose WordPress

Choosing the right website platform, for you and your business can at first glance seem overwhelming.  If you want the best, the outright winner for the quality product of choice is WordPress. WordPress dominates the website market. 25% of all websites are built using WordPress. There are over 75million WordPress websites currently on the internet. … Continue reading Why choose WordPress