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Victoria Beckham received a lot of bad press recently for registering her 5-year-old daughter’s name as a trademark. Why? In my opinion, it is a smart move to secure valuable intangible assets whilst they are still available, as she has already done for her other children. More interestingly for us here, I am sure, although not mentioned, she has also bought the domain name, In no way does this mean she has ambitious plans for Harper (although I’m sure she does ;-)), it is just that she (or her team of advisers) realises that the digital world is changing the way we communicate information about ourselves. Moreover, not only communicate our skills but more subtly market and brand ourselves.  For this we need to secure our own name domain name and invest in our own personal website.

Websites are getting easier and quicker to build. Personal landing page services websites are already emerging. It is very probable that the children of today will be expected by future employers and customers to have a personal on-line brand website. Or at a minimum a webpage as part of this big, wide digital world that is developing before our eyes. I doubt 15 years from now, our now five year olds will be writing CVs in Word and sending them by email to apply for jobs. Oh no. Rather, imagine a world where you send a link to your own online page.

‘FirstnameLastname’.com is an extremely valuable asset to a person, even if at this moment in time, they foresee no use for it. In most probability, there is more than one of you somewhere in this world and more than one of your children as well who will almost definitely need it. It does not require looking too far into the future to imagine you will be grateful to already have secured your personal digital asset.

I was very happy to buy recently for which I am currently building a website. (Watch this space) At the same time, I purchased my children’ domains but I did have to add their middle name initial. The simple ‘FirstnameLastname’.com was already taken.

In addition, did you know? With your own name domain name, google apps allows you to create a more professional, easy to remember email address for yourself –

At a minimum, help your digital kids of the future. Buy their domain name(s). It is not expensive, it is easy to do and I promise you they will thank you one day.

PS. Do not forget to add domain privacy so that your personal details are not available for all to view on the internet.


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