What next for your Facebook business page?

Finally you got around to setting up a Facebook business page. Brilliant! I hope you’ve invited all your friends to like it. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Do it straightaway! Then follow the pointers below on what your next steps should be.

  1. Add your FB page address to all your communication. e.g email signatures, business cards, all other social media profiles.
  2. Post, post, post. Facebook is like a baby. It needs to eat constantly to keep the FB algorithm happy. Small businesses need to post at least once a week, preferably 2-3 times a week, even more. Remember as well, people have short memories, they need to be reminded that your business exists. Set a goal, have a calendar and use the FB in-built scheduler to post automatically your content.
  3. Always include visual content on a post. Either a photo, a graphic or a video. Just plain text is boring. (Apparently, in 2017 people don’t read much anymore ;-))
  4. Pay attention to when your audience is online. The insights menu is there for a reason. In order for your posts to reach as many followers as possible, work out when you achieve the highest reach and most interaction by testing posts at different types of the day. When you have identified the busiest Facebook times for your followers, target your posts at this time. This is often early morning, lunch time or evenings. Be aware, only a small percentage of your followers see each post. Do not hesitate to post the same post more than once. This is standard Facebook practice.
  5. Ensure the reviews tab is visible and use it! Always ask your customers to give you reviews. This is an easy way to get reviews for your business and future customers love to see past reviews.
  6. Use the events tab. Tell your audience where you are going to be and when or organise an event yourself.
  7. And just in case you’ve already forgotten, shout from the rooftops. You have a new business and a new Facebook business page, the world needs to know. Invite all your friends to like it immediately. How about sharing it on your own personal page and ask your friends to share it with their friends? A good to know – once people start to like your posts click on the ‘likes’ on the post to see the name of those who have ‘liked’ your post and you have the possibility to invite them to like your page.

So WHAT are you going to post?

All social media platforms are about interacting with your audience. The goal of your Facebook page is to engage and familiarise people with your business, your brand, your style maybe to find new customers. The better you are at this, more messages and website clicks will follow and eventually more brand awareness leading to more clients! Always engage with people’s comments and actions. Social media is all about ENGAGEMENT.

Post ideas to kick-start your time-line:

Lightbulb moment

  • Ask questions? How else does a conversation start? Be sure to ask for a reply.
  • Photos. Always take photos at any event where you are present as a business owner and post them. As well, get into the habit of taking photos that your followers will enjoy and make them relevant to your business. Or, use free stock photo websites to find high quality photos. My favourite is pixabay.com (free) but there are plenty of other free photo stock sites to try. Use picmonkey.com to edit the photo. Play with filters, sharpen, change colours, add frames, textures etc etc. then add a text overlay in Canva. Your imagination is the limit. It’s fun.
  • VIDEO. Video is king on Facebook. Facebook has openly said that video trumps all other types of posts and gets priority status from the algorithm. Content should be native (i.e not a re-share from YouTube etc). Why not try FB Live? Introduce yourself as the face behind the page. Go on be brave. Your followers will love you for it (and your business).
  • Hold a competition (FB calls them promotions). You have a new business, why not give away something – product or time? Competition entry rules can be to ‘share’ and ‘like’ the post so as to increase your page exposure. (NB You cannot ask for page likes as a competition entry.) Or use a Facebook app. In the FB search bar, type ‘contest’ and you will find apps that help you configure a competition for your page. Don’t forget to read up on the FB rules for holding competitions. To hold a competition is straightforward but do familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’t so as not to upset the FB gods. https://www.facebook.com/page_guide…)
  • Quotes. Everybody loves a good quote. They are incredibly popular on Social Media. Use a photo you like and add your own text overlay and your business logo in Canva. Or look for a relevant quote on the internet (try Pinterest) and go to Canva to personalise it. Pinterest is a great place to search for motivational quotes.
  • Also very popular on Facebook are ‘Caption this’ posts. Take a photo and ask your followers to write a caption for it. Something fun for your page followers.

Facebook is not an easy win, it is a challenge. So, remember it does take time and persistence and probably at some point it will take some Facebook advertising, but that’s a post for another time.


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