Why choose WordPress

Choosing the right website platform, for you and your business can at first glance seem overwhelming.  If you want the best, the outright winner for the quality product of choice is WordPress. WordPress dominates the website market. 25% of all websites are built using WordPress. There are over 75million WordPress websites currently on the internet.  Websites for The White House, The New York Times, Sweden’s official website, Usain Bolt, MTV news & Disney, and the list could go on and on, are all run on WordPress.

I am 100% a WordPress girl. I use WordPress.org for all my websites and as you see above, I am not alone.

The top 5 reasons why I choose WordPress.org.


  1.  Very important. It is free! Once you chose and pay for a hosting package, WordPress installation is free.  All hosts provide one-click WordPress installation. Easy peasy. Your new website is ready for you to customise.  Be aware, other website providers can initially seem cheaper, but start adding-in all the paid for options and these websites become quickly expensive.
  2. WordPress is easy.  Really. Maybe, on first sight, the new user may take a little time to become familiar with the dashboard. A little time investment and quickly all will become clear. Promise.  Remember, a huge advantage to WordPress is, it is an open source content managment system (CMS). This means that all source code is available and free to view and learn. Whilst you may not want to delve into the code (and I am not suggesting you should, if you are not an expert coder), it does mean an expansive community of support has grown with the growth of WordPress. So when you do have questions and need help, websites, forums, FB groups, courses abound with answers and as well as experts offering their expert knowledge for free.
  3. Whether you need a simple brochure site or a more functional ecommerce site and all the possibilities in-between, WordPress provides your website solution. The versatility of the functionality of your website is limitless. Plug-ins are the key to building your website. Choose, install and activate plug-ins easily.   Plug-ins allow the website owner to add specific features to the website and optimise the user experience. For example, back-up your website using UpdraftPlus; add a pop-up to encourage customers to sign-up to your newsletters and offers using SumoMe;  add increased security using iThemes; install essential Yoast essential for search engine optimisation (SEO) and increased Google love. All these plug-ins listed are free (!) but premium paid for plug-ins will take your site to another level.
  4. The same limitless versatility applies to the design of your website. The look, the feel, the layout is driven by the theme. There are 1000’s of themes to choose from. Again, free versions and premium versions. Feel like a child in a toyshop picking your favourite new, shiny toy.  I work with, highly regarded within the WordPress arena, Genesis Premium themes who have over 30 themes to choose from for all types of business.
  5. WordPress takes security and the real possibility of potential hacking attempts extremely seriously. There are regular security updates to the software and additional very effective (free) plug-ins are available to install on your site. WordPress scores very high on its levels of security in an ever-evolving digital world.

There is no doubt. WordPress is THE quality product. If you choose WordPress for your business, you have the peace of mind that your business is showcased and managed on a professional platform for all your website visitors to enjoy.

So, have I convinced you that WordPress is the solution for your business? Want a WordPress website? Get in touch

Good to know. Want to know if a website is built on WordPress? Go to www.isitWP.com, type in the URL of the website you want to find out about and see

PS I have no affiliate link with WordPress. I’m just one of WordPress’ huge fans.