I’m learning SEO

I’ve gone back to school. This means a brand new yellow notebook with a witty slogan and a new purple pen. Plenty of inviting blank pages waiting to be scribbled on. Very motivating. So, what am I learning? I’m learning SEO.


Do you know how important SEO is for your business?

It’s all about the search engine loving your website more than your competitors’ websites so placing your website at the top of the search results. (That will be the SERPs – Search Engine Results Page. I’m learning already). SEO is responsible for improving the visibility of your brand and your website. It increases internet traffic to your site. Can’t be that difficult right?

I’ve signed up to Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success ecourse. She has several courses and often refers to this one as the ‘big’ course. The course is 7 weeks long, so yes it’s big. There are lots of modules, lots of new acronyms and lots and lots of videos to watch. There are even little tests at the end of each module. (Swotty me likes tests). There are even ‘technical’ chapters. Argghh.  Schema, meta tags, amp plug-ins and more.  I have a good feeling. I’m going to learn so much. Even more importantly, the Google bots are gonna love my site.

Week 2 has just started and so far what have I learnt? In no particular order or importance.

  • Google always, always personalises your search results. Do not underestimate how much Google already knows about you. What you see as the results when you type a search keyword into Google search bar is not the same your friend will see.
  • SEO has 4 ingredients – these are technical, content related and links (both on-page i.e. links on your site and off-page i.e. links to your site elsewhere on the internet).  Social media content also plays a smaller role and adds the ‘icing on the cake’.  To get to the top of the search engine, you have to pay attention to all 4 areas. No short-cuts available.
  • SEO is another name for Inbound Marketing. So, if you were wondering what is inbound marketing, it’s SEO. Guiding people to your site.

Search engine optimisation is a popularity contest. Is your website the homecoming queen or the nerd? – Kate Toon

  • SEO is a ‘popularity contest’ according to Kate. When my potential customers are looking for digital services, I want my site to be the ‘homecoming queen’ not the ‘nerd’. (her words – but I like them)
  • An interstitial (what?) is that pop-up that appears on the screen when you are browsing a site. Annoying or not? The jury is undecided.
  • Keep the user interface on your site as simple as possible. For example, contact not contact us. About not about us. The user likes to feel comfortable when browing. The user likes familiarity and easy to understand navigation.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of the speed of your website. Firstly, visitors don’t hang around if your website is too slow. Anything more than 2 or 3 seconds is TOO SLOW. Secondly Mr Google will penalise a slow website in the search engine page results.

Conclusion after one week of learning SEO

I’ve scribbled on 4 pages of my yellow notebook. My purple pen is still working. (Don’t you hate it when a new pen runs out after 2 uses?) I have a new buddy friend to talk the course through with. He’s in Denmark. He’s very friendly. And so far, I’ve got full marks in the test. (Well, there has only been one test so far). All is good.

I’ll write another update as the course continues. Learning SEO skills and knowledge will only increase my skill base and help me help you and your business. And learning is always a good thing – right?

Already got burning SEO questions? Please pop them in the comments below. I’ll try my best.

Good to know: If you are still deciding on a brand name for your business, another great takeway from the course – www.namecheckr.com. This website allows you to check domain and social username available across multiple networks. So use it before you start spending money on a domain name and then discover that actually you’re scuppered when it comes to social media.


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